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Sunshine Studio has been released!
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Instantly Stream and Transfer All My Files.
No Size Limit. No Cloud.

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Stream All My Files from All My Devices!

No need to waste time transferring or encoding big video files! Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac. Doesn’t matter! Remotely access ALL your device and instantly “Play All My Files in All My Devices!”

Transfer All My Files to All My Devices!

Is your phone storage full? Do you want to backup your photos on your PC? Copy all your media to your PC without USB or Cloud using Sunshine. You can access your PC files from your mobile without downloading.

Share All My Files with All My Friends!

Stream or download, you choose! With Sunshine, you can INSTANTLY enjoy shared videos, pictures, music or documents without downloading. You can also pick-and-choose the shared files to download.

Hybrid P2P's Privacy and Security

Sunshine’s direct sharing technology prevents us or hackers from ever seeing your files. Your files will never go to a server or cloud storage, only to the devices you choose.


Learn about Sunshine Basic and experience the shining entirety of Sunshine Premium!


All These Features are Free!

  • Play or transfer files between Android, iOS, Windows and Mac
  • Play computer files from mobile or tablet
  • File transfer. No limits.
  • Play the shared file WITHOUT downloading
  • Cast to Smart TV. Enjoy via large screen


Including Basic Features

  • Mobile to Computer BackUp
  • 1-Click BackUp
  • BackUp files. NO limit.
  • Flexible file transfer between devices
  • Early access to the coming features