Access and Move Your Files Freely

Transfer All My Files to All My Devices!

Backup files instantly on your PC or Mac. Choose a few files or your whole library. There are no limits on file size, format, or number. You will be surprised with thespeed difference compared to cloud services.

No limits

No size limit, no file number limit and any file format supported. You can browse, select and backup whole folders easily.

Cross Device

Sunshine’s direct sharing technology (P2P), allows you to directly transfer files to your PC without any cloud or storage-based servers. No uploading, no downloading; simply devicetodevice. You will see the speed difference!

Connect your Smart TV too!
Access Backup Files Instantly

After deleting the backup files on your phone, you can still access those instantly without downloading. Just tap “My Devices” on your phone app and select your PC.

Case Study

My phone storage is full

Transfer all your files from your phone to your PC or Mac really fast. Now you can delete your files from your phone, empty your space and keep them save on your PC. After that, you can always view your files again on your phone (without downloading) by selecting your PC on “My Devices”.

Try BackUp Feature for Free!

Backup feature is only available on the Premium version.

When you install Sunshine for the first time, you can enjoy a 14 days free trial (without giving any credit card information).

After that, you can get up to 12 months free by inviting your friends to Sunshine. You and your invited friends will get 1 free month each when the registration is done! If you want to become a premium user, it would be $4.99/month or $39.99/year.

Free Upgrade by Inviting Friends

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