Make Your Personal Netflix Free!

Using 2 free apps you can make your own media streaming platform for all your devices!

The apps are uTorrent and Sunshine. Combining both, you can have a really good alternative to Netflix or other media streaming services.

Why is this a better option than Netflix?

  • It’s Free!
  • You can watch videos offline too!

utorrent and sunshine app logos

Why uTorrent?

Why Sunshine?

- Download any media content you want (movies, tv series, music, etc.)

- Instant streaming from any device (Android, iOS, Smart TV, DLNA device)

- Well known company

- No cloud storage needed

Step by Step Setup

1.Download uTorrent

Download uTorrent on your computer (Mac or Windows). You can download it free on their official website.

2.Set your "Torrent Downloads" folder

Select the folder where all the downloads will be stored:

Preferences -> Directories -> Put new downloads in -> Select your desired folder

change download folder uTorrent

Now you are ready to go and start downloading anything you want!

*If you are a newbie, check out this video to learn how to install uTorrent and download movies.

3.Download Sunshine

Download Sunshine and login using the same user account on all your devices.

Sunshine is available for desktop (Mac or Windows) and smartphone/tablet (iOS or Android).

4. Drag the “Torrent Downloads” folder on Sunshine

On Sunshine for PC, go to “Share with My Mobile”. Then, drag/add the “Torrent Downloads” folder (the same folder that we previously selected on uTorrent).

Now, you can stream all the media content stored on this folder from any device.

Sync folders on Sunshine

*This folder will be automatically updated. When a movie download is completed, you will be able to stream it from any device instantly.

5.Stream from your smartphone

On Sunshine App, go to “My Devices” and select your computer. Now, you can stream or download any media file stored on the “Torrent Downloads” folder.

stream media from your smartphone

  • To watch videos offline, select the files and tap on the download button. Your files will be stored on the local memory.

  • You can also stream all the media stored on your tablet from you mobile and the other way around. Login on your tablet with the same Sunshine user and it will appear on "My Devices" page (as "My-MacBook-Air" on the picture).

What else?

  • Cast to Smart TV or DLNA device
  • Set and edit subtitles

If you have any issue or need further information about Sunshine, check out our video tutorials or send us a message to