New Sunshine Beta for Windows!

Our brand new beta version for Windows is here!

What’s new?

1. User Interface

Sunshine's new UI is simple, attractive and easy to use. Also, we have included more options and information for you to have the best experience!

You can now drag your folders to sync!

2. Smarter Syncing

We have included Auto Syncing. Every time you edit the files in your shared folders, Sunshine will automatically update it!

We also provide more information during the syncing progress. Now you can know the number of files synced, the ones left and if a particular file is not syncing.

There is also the option to stop the syncing and start it again later.

3. Improved Performance

Combining our hybrid P2P technology with other new technologies, we have enhanced the performance of Sunshine.

Feel free to reach us at with your feedback and questions :)