Here are common questions and issues asked by the Sunshine users. If you need further assistance, please contact us via email ( We will reply ASAP with a solution!

General Info

When you're using a cloud service to store your files, first you have to upload your files to a server and then download it from the server when you want to access the file. Sunshine does not store files on any server; instead it creates a direct connection between your different devices. Unlike cloud services, the media is stored on the local or remote devices, allowing you to instantly share, access, stream or download media content. This in itself makes Sunshine much faster than using traditional cloud services. Also, most cloud services generally lack the ability to stream video directly.

Sunshine supports installation on and can send/stream between Android, iOS, PC and Mac. The applications are constantly under development to improve the service. Download the app here:

Windows 7, Windows 8(.1), OSX 10.9~
System Memory: 1GB
Hard Disk: 50MB free
Graphic Card: Integrated Graphic Chipset

Sunshine is best used when the network connection is stable. If you are connected to another device and the network signal is weak/unstable, Sunshine may not work properly, for example in subway systems or when your network is frequently changing.

When you want to play content on a DLNA device such as TV or WiFi-speakers you have to be connected to the same network. If you can’t play media stored on your phone or PC/Mac to your TV, please check if the phone is connected to the same network as the TV / DLNA device.

If Sunshine isn't working properly, please make sure you have the latest version of the app and the PC/Mac client. You can check the app version in the mobile app under settings. Download the latest PC/Mac version here or have it sent to your e-mail from the settings tab in the mobile app.

After revising this FAQ which includes the most frequent questions and problems, please don't hesitate to contact us at or go to Settings -> Support in the mobile app. We will reply as soon as possible.

Payment and Billing

When the payment fails or an error occurs continuously, refer the following situations that may have caused the issue.

– More than 3 payment cancellations in a day (including card limits)
– Payment attempt during network change– Pressing on the related action button multiple times during one payment cancellation
– Failing to send payment related data due to network errors
– Credit Card information does not match the Google account information (address and phone number included)

If you have checked all of the above and the payment still does not work, please let us know via '' with your Sunshine account and contact info. We will try our best to help you ASAP! 

Due to network circumstances, the Premium Upgrade may be delayed or may not be successfully processed.
If this issue happens, please let us know via '' with your Sunshine account and contact info. We will try our best to help you ASAP! 

Double transaction can happen due to unstable network status. Please contact us with your account email address and emergency contact number.

Friend Invitations

When your friend completes the following two steps, both you and your friend will receive 1-Month-Free Premium.

1. Use the invitation link to download Sunshine
2. Create Sunshine account and log-in

You can invite your friends and receive up to 12-months of the Premium service. You can check the 12-month invitation status in the app and the web under friend invitation page.
NOTE: It does not count when you invite by sharing a file(s). You have to invite through ‘Friend Invite’.

Running into any issues? Please let us know via with your Sunshine account and contact info. We will try our best to help you ASAP! 

Following may be the reason.

1.The invited friend has not created a Sunshine account.
2.Invited friend has not downloaded Sunshine via the link that you have provided.
3.Temporary delay due to network circumstances.
4.Invited friend may not be a new member of Sunshine.

If the issue regards something different than above, please let us know via with your Sunshine account and contact info. We will try our best to help you ASAP! :)

Questions regarding devices

There are two ways to download the PC/Mac Sunshine application.

1.Go to our download page for the Setup files.
2.In the mobile app, go to Settings -> Sunshine PC, and write your email address. You should receive a link to download the PC/Mac version.

Log-in to all your devices with same account to connect the devices. (Please refer to the 'Tutorials')

• It can take a bit longer when syncing for the first time
• The next time, the software will automatically upload “NEWLY” added files within the folder

Loading a lot of content from a connected folder may take a bit longer than usual (depending on the number of files). You can check the progress bar at the bottom of the screen

Your PC/Mac acts like a media server. If you can't see the stored files, please follow these steps:

•Make sure the server client (PC/MAC) and the Sunshine mobile app are logged in with the same ID.
• Select PC/Mac in the devices list by clicking on the ‘devices’ button. Sunshine will start loading the media stored on your PC/Mac.
• If you cannot see the list, please refresh the device list by clicking the ‘refresh’ or ‘save’ button.

Please contact Sunshine if you are having further problems.

It’s important to understand that connected devices are classified into two.
The first is a server (media stored equipment) and the second is the playback devices (media playback device: DMR).

1.If you press the top right corner of mobile app you can see the connected device on the same ID.
2.Playback device (DMR) can be found at the top right of each player’s screen (i.e. when you're watching a photo or video or playing a song).
You can see a list of devices that can be used as a playback device.

As of now, the equalizer function in the music player will only be available through Android devices.

Questions regarding Backup

No. You can also invite your friends and receive free months to use the Premium Features.

Please go the Sunshine website and click ‘Tutorials’ and watch ‘Backup to Computer’.

Please check your network status. Backup may be disturbed due to unstable network. If the issue continuously occurs, please contact us at with your account email address.

Refer to our Tutorials or check your network status. Backup may be disturbed due to unstable network. If the issue continuously occurs, please contact us at with your account email address.

Questions regarding Sharing

Select files that you want to share and press ‘Secret Share’ on the bottom-right of the screen. Then, select friend(s) that you want to share to. If your friend(s) is already a Sunshine member, search for their names and add them to your friends list. If your friend(s) is not a Sunshine member, simply invite them by sending an invitation link directly through the app via SMS, email, WhatsApp, Line or Kakao Talk. 

When you are sharing file stored in your PC, you can share to 10 friends at a time. When you are sharing files stored in your mobile, you can share to 3 friends at a time. (Note: If more than 10 people try to access content at the same you may experience slow streaming and downloading speeds.)

There is no file size limit.

Yes. There are couple ways to share files to non-Sunshine users. After you have selected the files to share and tapped ‘Find New Friends’, you have the option to invite via SMS, other Messaging Apps, Email, Facebook, and etc.

FIles are shared over 4G/3G, LTE and WiFi. The default setting is to share via WiFi only. You can adjust your settings to share over 3G/LTE in the menu. Both devices will need to be online.

The default setting is to use WiFi only. However, if you want to use 3G/LTE, you can turn this feature on through our menu. Menu > Sharing on 3G/4G > On

Depending on the quantity and size of the file(s), it might take some time to transmit the media files to your friends after you've shared it. Please wait for a while and refresh by pulling the screen downwards.

In case you're trying to download the files your friend sent and the screen says “Looks like your friend’s device is offline. Let your friend know you want access now!” It means that either (or both)

1.Your friend needs to open the app and login
2.If the 3G/4G setting is off, your friend needs to be connected to stable WiFi (If the network signal too is weak, the app might be consider offline)

So why don't you tap “Send SMS” on the same screen and let your friend know that you're waiting to download the file?

Questions regarding Smart TV/Wifi Speakers

In order to use a DLNA service to its full potential, all your devices must connected to the same network in order to play content

Although Sunshine is compatible with most devices, please understand that this feature may not be able to work on some:

1.Check that your playback device (DMR) is able to support DLNA. Most modern Smart TVs support DLNA.
2.If both devices support DLNA technology, make sure the devices are connected to the same network.
3.Once connected, open up the Sunshine application and click the upper right ‘mobile’ icon button and check the list.
4.If further problems persist, contact your manufacturer to find out more information.

Questions regarding My Profile

Yes. Logging in with one account is the method of connecting devices. There are no limits to the number of devices that can be connected simultaneously; however, note that connecting too many devices may cause general performance issues.

Go to the login screen (mobile) and click the ‘Forgot your password’ button. Type in your registered e-mail with Sunshine and a password reset link will be sent to the respected e-mail

Your password can be changed in Settings -> My profile -> Change password. However, if you log in with Facebook you're unable to change password and will have to use Facebook to login

If you want to edit your profile and introduction (100 bytes), open up the menu in the mobile application and click Edit under your profile photo.

If you do not want to expose your friends list to the world, go to Settings > My info, and change the setting. Your friend list will not be exposed to others after this.

From the mobile app menu, click ‘My Friends.’ Then choose the person you wish to block and click the ‘Friend Button’ and press ‘Block’. You should now get no notifications from this user.

You can re-add a friend by entering the name of the blocked friend in ‘friend search.’ The person who is blocked should have the ‘blocked’ status next to their name. Click the blocked button and choose unblock and they should reappear as a friend.


A DRM file is a file that is protected by the copyright owner or right holder of the original content, therefore it might not work to play DRM content via Sunshine.

You may have an unstable network. Make sure to check your network status. 

Sunshine supports most file types; however, we aren't perfect. Contact Sunshine directly so that we can work towards supporting the file type in the near future.

Currently any media files, e.g. video, photos and music, design files, document files, PDF files, compressed files and so on. We'll be adding more file types in the future if necessary.

There can be two reasons for this issue.
1. When you are playing a file that has not been downloaded completely.
2. When an unknown error pops up from the Sunshine player, update to latest version. 

Sunshine supports .smi and .srt format of subtitle files.
There may be 3 reasons for the subtitle to not function properly.

• The video file and the subtitle file have different file names. (The file names have to be exactly the same.)
• The subtitle file may not be recognized in the PC. (Check the file location of the video file and the subtitle file and sync again.)
• Subtitle file format is not supported by Sunshine. (Sunshine support the subtitle files document format of UTF-8 and EUC-KR, but some rare files’ document is saved as a different format. Save the document format as UTF-8 and retry. Text file > open smi > Save as… > change encoding as UTF-8 and SAVE!)

Please contact us here: