Access and Move Your Files Freely

Hybrid P2P's Privacy and Security

Keep your files to yourself or share them with the ones you trust. Since Sunshine is NOT a cloudbased system, neither Sunshine nor any outside hackers can access and see the content of your files. Your files are always stored in your local devices and never in any other web storage space, where your files are vulnerable to the service providers and other hackers.

Device to Device

The files are transferred device to device and never uploaded or stored on any web server. This way, the possibility of the files being accessed on the web by hackers is inexistent.

Cross Device
2 Part Encryption

Sunshine uses two separate, complex authentication systems, which allows each device to only see a part of encryption. All unidentified requests are blocked and your files are only sent where you want them to go.

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Our technology have been licensed and trusted by renowned organizations.

Privacy and Security - Sunshine