Access and Move Your Files Freely

Share All My Files with All My Friends!

Sunshine brings a new concept of sharing media files; instant share! Play or download, you choose! With Sunshine's P2P technology, you can INSTANTLY enjoy shared videos, pictures, music or documents without downloading. There is no size or format limits. You can then pick-and-choose the shared files to download.

Any Size and Format

No limits on size, type, or number of files. You can browse, select and share an entire folder easily.

Cross Device
Different Speed

With Sunshine's P2P technology send files device to device, without the cloud. No uploading, not downloading; simply device-to-device. You will see the speed difference!

Connect your Smart TV too!
Play without downloading

Play shared files before downloading. You can access every shared files and then pick and choose which ones you want to download. Even play shared files on your TV!

Case Study

"I want to send a big file to my friend but messaging apps are too slow and email doesn’t allow me."

Sunshine is not cloud based so the transfer is direct; you will witness the incredible speed, incomparable to other cloud services! Send large files between any devices without size or quantity limits.

Your friends don’t have Sunshine?

You can easily invite your friends through the app. We want to thank you for each invitation! Both, you and your friend will get 1 free month of our Premium version. Available up to 12 friends/12 months!

Available up to 12 friends/12 months!

Fastest File Share and Transfer - Sunshine