Messenger for Creators

Creative professionals can freely share multi-GB files
and efficiently communicate with collaborators.
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Beta Testing Period: ~ Official Launch

Today’s creative professionals need an easy way to share enormous files in seconds.

Creative Professionals Need

To share multi-GB

uncompressed media files on a daily basis. Existing cloud solutions are too slow, too expensive, and too prone to failure.

To communicate smoothly

rather than having to constantly switch from app, to app, to app.

To be able to work

with impatient clients, who aren’t tech savvy enough to figure out yet another complicated software suite.

Sunshine Studio makes big file transfers part of the conversation.

Creative professionals can collaborate and share from anywhere, just like they’re sitting in the same room.

Unlimited Transfers

Super-Speed File Transfers

P2P + Cloud for the fastest speed, greatest reliability and ability to re-download files over 100 GB.

Made for Media Files

Sunshine Studio works with the file types creatives use most. (Modern media file formats tend to kill most file transfer solutions.

Faster Starts, More Reliable

Our Hybrid P2P technology discovers transfer pathways more quickly.

Seamless Communication

Send Original Files and Folders

Select a Studio member or project group and just drag and drop the files and folders you want to send.

No More Miscommunications

Chat and send files in the same app, leaving no room for miscommunication. Notifications in the app and in the dock let you know when you receive a file or a message.

Full Control

Simply invite people from other companies. Don't worry, YOU have full control over who can interact with who, making it easy to manage multiple projects and multiple vendors in a single app.

Create your studio

Start Sunshine Studio in 3 Steps.
1. Create Studio

Name your studio to get started!

2. Member Invite

Simply invite collaborators to your studio to get a project started.
(*Invited studio members cannot see each other.)

3. Create Project Group

Create a group for a project with designated members.
(*Group members can share files and communicate only within the group.)

Start sharing now and get work done!

Beta Plan

For all creative professionals!

Unlimited Member Capacity
P2P (Unlimited GB/transfer)
P2P Traffic (500GB/mon)
Cloud (Unlimited GB/upload)
Cloud Traffic (500GB/mon)




Towards the end of the beta testing period, you will receive a short survey of your feedback regarding your experience of Sunshine Studio. Then, after the official release, you will get to choose the studio plan. If you choose Series A or B studio plan, you will receive 50% discount for the first two months.

Of course! Through device to device connection, only the ones that you share the files with will have access.

Studio' is where you can easily invite workmates, clients, or freelancers for different projects to efficiently organize communication and share big files.

Don't worry! Studio is made so that the invited members are invisible to each other. Studio's owner can selectively create group conversations for different projects. Members can interact with each other within the group.

Simply, P2P is an A(Sender)->C(Receiver) transfer where as cloud is A->B->C transfer, 'B' being the cloud. Even if the file size is 100GB, through P2P, there is no uploading time for the sender and the receiver can immediately start downloading as soon as the sender drops the file. The transfer speed (up to 30MB/s) may differ based on the quality of your internet network.

A project is a space for a specific project or topic within a studio. You can add the necessary team members, clients, or freelancers working together on the topic to coordinate discussions and share multi-GB files. (Note: ALL projects are private, which means the studio members that are not added to the project CANNOT see the project.)

Studio Member Manage (Invite or delete members from the studio.), Member Activity Control (Manage who interacts with who for each projects.), Manage Billing

Share Multi-Gigabyte Files - No need to compress big folders! Perfect Download - Shared folders will keep their original configuration. Members can ONLY interact with each other in projects and group conversations that the studio owner created.

MP4.H264' is the most common file type that is supported for streaming. Reference the link below for more information on media formats supported by different browsers.

Yes! Just drop the entire folder itself and it'll keep its configuration when downloaded.

As many as you want! All members are private and cannot see each other. Members can only interact in the group chats and projects that studio owner created.

Team members, project members, clients, freelancers, or anyone that you need to communicate and share multi-GB files in one place.

All functions except file transfer / download are available and can only be streamed to mp4 files.

All features of Sunshine Studio are available.